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#: en/troubleshooting.html:16 msgid "Troubleshooting" msgstr "" # type: Content of: #: en/troubleshooting.html:19 msgid "" "Listed below are some of the common problems or questions people have while " "running Tor. If you can't find anything about the particular problem you're " "having, check out our website at www.vidalia-project.net for more " "support and information. " msgstr "" # type: Content of:

#: en/troubleshooting.html:25 msgid "I Can't Start Tor" msgstr "" # type: Content of:

#: en/troubleshooting.html:27 msgid "" "The most likely reason that Vidalia could not start Tor is because Vidalia " "is looking for your Tor installation in the wrong directory. You can tell " "Vidalia where Tor is located by updating the Tor Executable option in " "the general configuration settings." msgstr "" # type: Content of:

#: en/troubleshooting.html:33 msgid "" "Another possible reason that Tor cannot start is because there is already " "another Tor process running. Check your list of running process and stop the " "previous Tor process, if you find one. Then, try running Tor again." msgstr "" # type: Content of:

#: en/troubleshooting.html:38 msgid "" "If that did not help, check your message log to see " "if Tor printed any information about errors it encountered while trying to " "start." msgstr "" # type: Content of: #: en/troubleshooting.html:43 msgid "" msgstr "" # type: Content of:

#: en/troubleshooting.html:44 msgid "Vidalia Can't Connect to Tor" msgstr "" # type: Content of:

#: en/troubleshooting.html:46 msgid "Vidalia manages Tor by communicating with it via Tor's control port." msgstr "" # type: Content of:

#: en/troubleshooting.html:49 msgid "" "The most common reason that Vidalia cannot connect to Tor is because Tor " "started, but encountered an error and exited immediately. You should check " "your message log to see if Tor reported any errors " "while it started." msgstr "" # type: Content of:

#: en/troubleshooting.html:55 msgid "" "If Tor is listening on a different port than Vidalia expects, Vidalia will " "be unable to connect to Tor. You rarely need to change this setting, but if " "there is another service running on your machine that conflicts with Tor's " "control port, you will need to specify a different port. You can change this " "setting in Vidalia's advanced configuration " "settings." msgstr "" # type: Content of: #: en/troubleshooting.html:63 msgid "" msgstr "" # type: Content of:

#: en/troubleshooting.html:64 msgid "Why is Vidalia asking me for a \"control password\"?" msgstr "" # type: Content of:

#: en/troubleshooting.html:66 msgid "" "Vidalia interacts with the Tor software via Tor's \"control port\". The " "control port lets Vidalia receive status updates from Tor, request a new " "identity, configure Tor's settings, etc. Each time Vidalia starts Tor, " "Vidalia sets a random password for Tor's control port to prevent other " "applications from also connecting to the control port and potentially " "compromising your anonymity." msgstr "" # type: Content of:

#: en/troubleshooting.html:75 msgid "" "Usually this process of generating and setting a random control password " "happens in the background. There are three common situations, though, where " "Vidalia may prompt you for a password:" msgstr "" # type: Content of: