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#: en/services.html:16 msgid "Hidden Services" msgstr "" #. type: Content of: #: en/services.html:19 msgid "" "Remark: Support for hidden services is new in Vidalia. You should expect it " "to have bugs, some of which possibly corrupting your hidden service " "configuration. So, don't rely on it, or rather, don't blame us if something " "goes wrong. If you find bugs or have comments on this new feature, please " "let us know! We need your feedback. " msgstr "" #. type: Content of:

#: en/services.html:26 msgid "What is a hidden service?" msgstr "" #. type: Content of:

#: en/services.html:28 msgid "" "Hidden services allow you to provide any kind of TCP-based service, e.g. an " "HTTP service, to others without revealing your IP address. The protocol to " "provide a hidden service is built on top of the same circuits that Tor uses " "for anonymous browsing and roughly has similar anonymity properties." msgstr "" #. type: Content of:

#: en/services.html:35 msgid "" "For more information on hidden service you may want to read section 5 of " "Tor's design paper (doc/design-paper/tor-design.pdf) or the Rendezvous " "Specification (doc/spec/rend-spec.txt)." msgstr "" #. type: Content of: #: en/services.html:40 msgid "" msgstr "" #. type: Content of:

#: en/services.html:41 msgid "How do I provide a hidden service?" msgstr "" #. type: Content of:

#: en/services.html:43 msgid "Providing a hidden service consists of at least two steps:" msgstr "" #. type: Content of:

  1. #: en/services.html:45 msgid "" "Install a web server locally (or a server for whatever service you want to " "provide, e.g. IRC) to listen for local requests." msgstr "" #. type: Content of:

    1. #: en/services.html:47 msgid "" "Configure your hidden service, so that Tor relays requests coming from Tor " "users to your local server." msgstr "" #. type: Content of:

      #: en/services.html:50 msgid "" "There is a fine tutorial on the Tor website " "(https://www.torproject.org/docs/tor-hidden-service.html) that describes " "these steps in more detail." msgstr "" #. type: Content of: #: en/services.html:55 msgid "" msgstr "" #. type: Content of:

      #: en/services.html:56 msgid "What data do I need to provide?" msgstr "" #. type: Content of:

      #: en/services.html:58 msgid "" "The services table contains five columns containing data about configured " "hidden services:" msgstr "" #. type: Content of: