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#: en/server.html:16 msgid "Setting Up a Tor Relay" msgstr "" #. type: Content of: #: en/server.html:19 msgid "" "The Tor network is made up of volunteers all over the world who donate some " "of their spare bandwidth by running a Tor relay. Vidalia helps you do your " "part by making it easy to set up a relay of your own. " msgstr "" #. type: Content of:

#: en/server.html:24 msgid "Basic Settings" msgstr "" #. type: Content of:

#: en/server.html:26 msgid "" "If you decide you want to help the Tor network grow by running a relay, you " "can follow these steps to get started:" msgstr "" #. type: Content of:

  1. #: en/server.html:31 msgid "" "Open the Configuration Dialog by selecting Settings from the " "tray menu or Preferences from your system menubar on Macintosh " "systems." msgstr "" #. type: Content of:
    1. #: en/server.html:35 msgid "Select the Relay configuration page." msgstr "" #. type: Content of:
      1. #: en/server.html:37 msgid "" "Decide whether you want to run a normal Tor relay or a bridge relay " "(Tor or newer). Bridge relays help censored Tor users who are " "blocked from accessing the Tor network directly. Check the box labeled " "Relay traffic for the Tor network if you want to run a normal Tor " "relay or Help censored users reach the Tor network if you want to run " "a bridge relay." msgstr "" #. type: Content of:
        1. #: en/server.html:44 msgid "Enter the following information:" msgstr "" #. type: Content of: