Welcome to svn.torproject.org!

This site hosts Tor's subversion repository.

Developer access

If the owner of a repository/project/tree agrees that you should have write access to a particular part of our SVN please have them contact the SVN admins so the access control list can be updated.

The credentials used to authenticate to svn are not handled by our central LDAP system but are instead managed separately. If you do not have an SVN account yet you need to provide the SVN admins with a username (if you have an LDAP account, please use the same account name), and a name/email address pair. Furthermore you need to run htdigest -c tor.passwd.tmp 'Tor subversion repository' $username and provide them with the contents of the tor.passwd.tmp file.

Once they have applied the necessary configuration changes you should have write access using the normal https://svn.torproject.org/svn/... URL.

For now the svn admins can be reached via the torproject-admin alias at torproject.org.

developers subversion access policy [vidalia]